19 September 2008

The Podcast

Welcome to the official blog for The World of Cinema podcast. This blog is more or less a journal of cinema (both films and selected topics) that we are watching, but not necessarily discussing on the show. Common topics will be underexposed cinematic gems (both good and bad), film criticism, history, authorship and marketing.

We started this show back in the winter of 2004 thru a public access channel and after several years of producing shows that no one watched, we decided to invest a little money and jump into the warm waters of podcasting. The production time for a single half hour show used to be around 11 days (full time work schedules and limited hours for editing at the public access station didn't help) and is now cut down to two or three.

The show format is pretty simple. We start each episode with another entry in The Never Ending Film Festival. Justin and Aaron both watch a film and refrain from discussing it until they sit down in front of the mics, discuss it and then pick the next film. Then the topic of the episode is delved into.